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You know you’re Iraqi when…

1. ..You’re surrounded by other arab nationalities and you speak Iraqi, no one knows what the hell you’re saying

2. ..Iraqi women get together, they all compete in ‘who’s got the loudest voice’

3. ..Every Iraqi has a bit of im3aydee in them

4. ..You drink chai at least 4 times a day

5. ..If you’re a guy, all the Iraqi women already have their eyes on you and want you for their daughter 

6. ..If you’re a girl, all the Iraqi women think their sons are too good for you

7. ..Every Iraqi goes crazy when the Iraqi National soccer team is playing an International game

8. ..You know every family in the entire nation of Iraq, and some how you always know a specific story about them

9. .. Everyone has at least one Ali in their immediate family

10. ..You go to Iraqi Restaurants, tell the owners you’re iraqi, and think you’re going to get free food

11. ..Lunch doesn’t include rice, it’s not considered a meal

12. ..Sarcasm is part of Iraqi DNA, you never know whether the joke is a joke or not

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